Hi. My name is Tori Morris, and I'm addicted to fandom.

It all started when I was young, and collected action figures and watched television shows religiously. It got worse when I got on the internet and discovered the wide world of fanfic. And even worse when I decided I could write it.

At this point, I go through about a tape a week for my collection of DS9 tapes, and a tape a month for my episodes of the West Wing. I have a monthly job for which I don't get paid, to review West Wing episodes, and I do it gladly.

I'm quite prolific, when I get my mind to it. All of this stuff is about two years worth of collected fanfic, which is fairly impressive. Except for the fact that a great deal of the early stuff is crap. Oh well, can't win them all.

Other things I do on the Internet: Sequential Tart; I roleplay and own my own MUSH (Xaen MUSH); I make art; I write on message boards and e-mail lists; I champion fanfic, and the fandom community. In short, I keep busy.