Deep Space Nine was the third Star Trek incarnation; it ran from 1992 to 1999, a seven year run. Of all the Treks, it had the most unique theme in that it was centered around a space station belonging to a war-torn region of space. It was also dark, religious, occasionally violent, funny, and above all, terribly romantic. I grew up on this show, loving the heros and hating the villians and cheering on the star-crossed lovers. For all these reasons, Deep Space Nine occupies a special place in my heart that cannot be replaced. And I swear, at some point I will write something other than Kira and Odo.

Disclaimer: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and the related characters all belong to Paramount. Please go out and buy something Deep Space Nine related before consuming my fanfics. I don't make any profit off of the fanfics I create, they are soley for my entertainment, and that of fellow fans.


Boats Against the Current

My first fanfic in the Deep Space Nine fandom, this one is Odo/Kira. I'd like to think it has some good visuals in it, but I really think the story is hampered by the fact that I didn't have the courage to give it the 'depressing' ending. PG-13, 7 chapters, with extended DS9 timeline in the front.



An Odo/Kira, unrequited love/friendship fanfic. I actually like this one, despite the fact it is heavily modified from the original idea. It's a song fic, but I think the lyrics fit well. This one is set after Life Support, and deals with death. It is framed by sequences following the events of the DS9 Relaunch novels 'Avatar', so you might want to read those as well. PG-13, probably.


Morning Discussions***Morning Discussions 2

Two short fanfics that don't have a lot of plot. They're connected via the fact that they're morning (or post-coital, take your pick) discussions between Kira and Odo about life and love.



A post-modernist styled inner monologue fic from Odo's POV, set during the Dominion War Arc. Short, but I think it has powerful imagery.



A series of three short fanfics, exploring a friendship never seen on the show. Dax and Odo, and there's a smattering of O/K in here as well.


Home Again

A short fanfic that spurted out because someone complained there wasn't enough Sisko fanfic. So, you know, I've always considered myself a problem solver. Warning: Fic is Post-WYLB and not happy or shiny.

Reckonings and Reality Storms

Newish--A longish fanfic, set during the DS9 episode, "The Reckoning", and spinning off a brand new alternate universe. What's a reality storm, you ask? A series of conflicting realities that bump and bang against one another--term coined by Neil Gaiman. Be warned, this is fairly dark and angst filled. Featuring Sisko and Dax POVs.

In Fifty Years

Newish. Fifty years after WYLB, what remains of Kira's life on Bajor.

Alone Again

New. Post-WYLB, Ezri Dax picks up the pieces of her shattered life and makes an unusual deal...

The Greatest Father

New. Jake Sisko, on family and his father, post-WYLB.