by Tori Morris

Setting: An early-morning discussion on DS9, set in the period between season six and seven.


Waking wasn't quite sudden, more of a gentle lapping motion. It had rapidly become her favorite way to wake up. With a hand, she ruffled and then patted down her hair which she could just feel was standing on end from dried sweat and tears. She looked over at her lover, and once he was entirely awake, or at least, awake enough to talk, she snuggled up into his soft chest.

"Mmm," She murmured, needing to make a sound to show she appreciated the effort. He sighed, a happy little contented murmur and she wonders when exactly he learned that mannerism, or if he even noticed it.

They stayed in that position for a time, which went in and out of focus as she drifted between full awareness and that hazy state of sleep. Eventually, the rising tide of awareness won out, and she looked up and smiled. He returned the favor by running a hand through her hair, to try and flatten it further. He had told her once he enjoyed the feel of running a hand through hair, and described it as quite unique.

After he had finished, or perhaps at the same time, she found a hand gently tracing the areola of her breast. Unbidden, a slow smile spread itself on her lips as she leaned forward on his chest and kissed him slowly in return. She sat back after she was done, admiring the look of longing on his face and in his ocean blue eyes. And she smiled once more.

Eventually, however, she opened her mouth to say, "I have to get going. I'm on first shift this morning." And then she pushed off the blanket, and headed towards the sonic shower, a little bounce in her step.