This is literally my catch drawer for fanfiction I've written that doesn't have enough stories to deserve its own catagory, or for fanfics that could fit into more than one catagory on the site. I like to think that I've done some neat stuff with my crossovers and lesser fandom work.

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Starry Cold Nights

Looking back on this, Holocaust fic is probably a really shitty thing to do, but I had a good reason. This story is about Death of the Endless and a deal made between Death and Josh's grandfather, and a cold night in December. Spoilers for The West Wing's Noel, but none for The Sandman. I've always really liked this fic--it flows well, and I think Death sounds like herself.


Green and Red Hourglasses

Transmetropolitan fanfic, mostly written because I thought that this was a deserving comic that needs more fandom attention. It takes place between issues #45 and #46 and is from Channon's POV.