Sequential Tart is an online web magazine written by women, about the comic book industry. But they also do pop culture, and other geeky things, all for women. Believe it or not, but I was picked up to be a member of Tart because I impressed someone with a Sandman fanfic. One of my best online friends, Alayha (also known as Wolfen Moondaughter) is also a Sequential Tart.

Here are the collected links to most of what I've written for Tart.



Meredith Ann Pierce-- Alayha and I finally got the chance to ask all sorts of neat questions to my favorite author in the entire world. This is my crowning moment at Tart. No matter what else, this is the best.


Remember Deep Space Nine-- An article written for the Jan 03 issue of Tart, celebrating the 10th anniversary of DS9.


The West Wing Tips

A monthly column of episode summary and review of the previous month's West Wing episodes. I try hard at this, and I keep doing it, but I dunno. At least it hasn't garnered hate mail.

April 2002

May 2002

June 2002

July 2002

October 2002

November 2002

December 2002

January 2003


Web Comic Reviews

I only did a few of these before I found out that rabid fans defending their favorite comics and I did not mix. I'm willing to admit, I screwed this up, but darnit, I really did try.

October 2001

December 2001

January 2002

February 2002