The West Wing is a hugely popular, well-acclaimed series written by Aaron Sorkin, and shown on NBC. The show concerns itself around the life of a fictional President, Josiah Bartlet, and his friends, family, and those who work for him. Among my favorite characters are Josh Lyman, who is angsty but delicious, and his assistant, Donnatella Moss.

Disclaimer: The West Wing belongs to NBC, The WB, and Aaron Sorkin. I don't own any of these characters. Go buy yourself some tapes and merchandise before you read these fanfics. Oh, and I don't make any money off of the production of these fics.


When in China

This was my first fanfic ever. It's...bad. I include it solely for the purpose of completeness, as I currently have unfinished fanfic that reads a lot better on my harddrive. It was inspired by the chapter 'Marzipan', from Philip Pullman's fabulous 'His Dark Materials' trilogy.


But They'll Always Have Paris

The sequel to 'When in China', for some reason this made some fic recommendation sites. I don't know, it's just ok if you ask me. It's really dripping in the angst. The story: After Josh saves Donna from Dr. Freeride, he goes home and muses right before Christmas. CJ makes an appearance.


Easter Eggs

An Easter-centric Josh and Donna fic. I think it's rather fluffy myself, although others thought it brought the angst. It's all relative.

Awards won: Wolfen Moondaughter's 'Shipper-riffic' award.


The Calendar Hung Itself

Based off of a Bright Eyes song of the same name, this fic was a post-ep for '18th and Potomac.' Note to future writers: Don't push a song into your fic just because you like the words--you'll get shitty results, a lot like this fic.


The Chasing Perfection Series

* Shock * Denial and Anger * Fear *Acceptance *Mourning *

An unfinished series consisting of five fanfics about Josh and Donna. When Josh meets a woman named 'Amy' (not that Amy!) and starts to date her, what will happen to Donna. It's also 'oddly prescient' in a lot of other ways. In retrospect, this series probably wasn't a good idea, but I still get requests to finish it. And I seriously consider it every time one comes in, but I've never gotten around to it.



A pretty good fic written in post-modernist stylings. Donna Moss reminisces about the paths her life has taken.



Another in a series of pretty good fanfics, this one is sort of a follow-up to Cartography, and involves Donna, years after the events of Rossalyn. I'm fond of it because it's not terribly angsty, unlike a lot of my other work.